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Esskay Precision Engineering

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Esskay Precision Engineering

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Esskay Precision Engineering

Esskay precision Engineering

Excellence is defined as perfection with acceptable blemishes. We, at Esskay precision Engineering, not only believe in Excellence, but also want our organization to be synonymous with it. It is definitely more than a coincidence that both Esskay and Excellence begins with the letter 'E'. Esskay for Excellence will remain a slogan on the wall if we do not internalize the meaning of excellence and institutionalize the means to achieve it.

We will continuously strive to bring in the best technology into our products which results in best value for money to our customers. We will adopt world-class production technology to manufacture our products to meet the growing demand for Quality, Cost & Delivery. We are preserving the core values i.e. quality, cost & delivery and stimulate the growth in order to meet the challenges of the changing times. The pragmatic philosophy that one should “Think like a customer” is the key to sustained growth. Preserving the core values is our commitment. Stimulating positive change is our strategy.


  • Automotive Application
  • Engine parts
  • Brake Assembly Parts
  • Transmission parts
  • Starter Motors assembly
  • Solenoid assembly parts
  • Power tools Applications
  • Rams
  • Beat pieces
  • Spindles
  • Armature shafts

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