About Esskay precision Engineering

Esskay Precision Engineering a progressive company, was founded in the year 2010 & and is based in Bangalore, India.

  • Founded on December 2nd, 2010,
  • Structured into two business divisions,
  • Operates from two manufacturing facilities,
  • Certified for ISO 9001 by September 2011,
  • Planning to go for Automotive business for TS 16949 : 2002 certification,
  • OE direct/first tier Supplier to major automotive industries in India ,Power tools & Hydraulic applications.

Business Divisions:

  • Machined components,
  • Special tooling manufacture,

The Corporate Policy

The Corporate philosophy of Esskay Precision Engineering is based on time-tested value systems.

  • Focusing on Customer Loyalty and striving to enhance the quality of life of all stakeholders is the central philosophy of the company.
  • Balance is maintained in ensuring the interests of all the stakeholders, namely, Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Vendors and Society.
  • We, at Esskay, firmly believe that such balance can be achieved only by relentlessly focusing on the interests of the customer.
  • The process of ISO 9001 certificate reinforces our commitment to earn customer loyalty and our strong belief in systems.
  • All cultures are centered on a few core beliefs. Ours is centered on harnessing the true potential of human beings.

Excellence in Process

Process Excellence is achieved by paying attention to details. Superior quality products can be manufactured only by establishing processes that are capable of delivering superior results.

Excellence in processes starts with people. Quality begins and ends in the minds of the people. The human mind is our fundamental resource. Constant training by both internal faculty members and by reputed Quality management Institute ensures that people upgrade both their knowledge and application of knowledge in the work place. All senior employees are continuously exposed to latest concepts and technology.

No process can deliver world -class quality products without excellent raw material. Our Quality Assurance System ensures that materials are purchased only from vendors whose processes have been reviewed and approved. Inspection of all material at various stages - incoming, in process and final stages ensure that only the best material is worked up

Facilities: Machined component Division:

  • CNC Turning machines
  • CNC Milling Machines
  • CNC Polygonal cutting machines
  • Spline Rolling Machines
  • Single Spindle Automatic Lathes
  • Grinding Machine

Quality Policy

Delight customer by achieving the Goals of Quality, Cost, and Delivery & through continuous improvements in process & Techniques by exploiting & evolving technologies.

Quality System

Manufacturing System meets the requirements of ISO9001 requirements. The pre-assessment has been successfully completed by the external agency QAS & the certificate audit has been scheduled by end of September 2011